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Can You Reheat Starbucks Coffee in the Microwave?

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We all want to start our day with a hot coffee. A hot cup of coffee from Starbucks could be the perfect commodity to give us a head start for a long hectic day. However, the struggle gets real when you leave your coffee for a bit too long and it gets cold.

At other times, you might also want to save some of your coffee to drink afterward.

Can you reheat Starbucks coffee in the microwave?

Yes, you can use the microwave to reheat your Starbucks.

starbucks coffee cup

In this article, we discuss different tips to heat up your coffee in the microwave. We also mention some other ways you can warm up your Starbucks coffee.

Can You Heat Up a Starbucks Latte in the Microwave?

Everyone prefers a fresh latte. However, you might have to reheat your latte for some reason. In that case, a microwave can make things easier for you.

However, the microwave heating process can be unpredictable. Some items may heat unevenly, and we all know not to put metal in the microwave or risk arcing and fire.

There are things you need to consider when reheating your latte. Here are some ways to heat up your latte safely:

Starbucks Latte in the Microwave

In a microwave, you could heat up your coffee in no time. However, do not forget to change the cup before heating in the microwave for two reasons:

Starbucks paper mugs catch fire easily.

Starbucks ceramic mugs become too hot in the microwave. Your coffee could become cold again while you wait for the cup to cool down.

Starbucks mugs are safe as long as they do not have a metal lining in them. You can check this by heating coffee in it for thirty seconds. If the mug gets hotter than the coffee, change the mug.

Helpful hints for reheating:

  • Try to decrease the power level to 50% if the microwave offers this feature.
  • Set a one-minute timer and check it in the middle (after thirty seconds).
  • Do not bring your latte to boil, because it will potentially become bitter.
warming cup in a microwave

Can You Heat Up Iced Coffee in the Microwave?

If you are a lover of cold brews, you might not want to miss out on them, even in the winter. But sometimes, you may want to warm up your favorite drink for comfort.

Will warming your iced coffee in the microwave ruin it?

Well, the results might differ depending on how the coffee was prepared.

If a hot brewing process was used to prepare the iced coffee, then the results would be satisfying. There might be a slight taste difference between the fresh coffee and the reheated one. If the change of taste does not bother you, you are good to go with microwave heating.

Why Does the Change in Taste Occur?

When you reheat a coffee, it might get a tinge of bitterness. The reason for that is that when the coffee is brewed with hot water, the flavanols in the beans remain intact. Microwaving the coffee leads to the degradation of flavanol oils because of overheating.

On the other hand, if the coffee was prepared with a cold brewing process, it may not be affected in the microwave. It is better to know the brewing process so that you could be ready for the results.

Using a microwave-safe coffee creamer might be a clever idea to warm up your iced coffee instead of heating the drink itself.

Reheating Starbucks Iced Coffee in Microwave

You might heat up regular iced coffee in your microwave. However, heating Starbucks iced coffee is not recommended.

coffee cup inside a microwave

Why Do Starbucks Cups Say Not to Microwave?

Starbucks cups come with the label “Do not microwave.” Following are some of the reasons for which you must avoid heating these cups in the microwave.

  • Starbucks cups are specially designed with an inner lining of wax and plastic to prevent leakage of hot beverages. This lining cannot withstand the rays of your microwave. Thus, it will result in melting and leakage.
  • As the glue that holds the cup together does not bear the heat, your coffee is likely to leak during heating.
  • The paper cup might catch fire.
  • The decorative Starbucks cups are coated with ink, which might also permeate the paper and become added to the coffee. This could affect taste and your health.
  • Starbucks ceramics cups may crack in the oven.

Is It Safe to Reheat Starbucks Coffee?

Yes, reheating Starbucks coffee is absolutely safe. As reheated coffee does not taste as good as the fresh one, Starbucks wants you to drink it fresh.

Ways to Reheat Starbucks Coffee

There are some other methods to warm up their coffee.


There are many ways to warm up your Starbucks coffee. The stovetop might be a perfect choice for you to get your coffee heated.

First, pour your coffee into a pan. Light the stove and keep the flame (or setting) on low. Keep stirring and check the temperature by using a thermometer. Remove the pan from the stove when you get the desired result. Pour back into a mug and enjoy.

 Here are some of the advantages of heating your iced coffee on the stove:

  • It is easier for you to control the temperature on the stove.
  • You could keep whisking it for consistent temperature.
  • Coffee maintains its fragrance on the stove.
  • You might prevent it from boiling.
  • You could remove it from the stove exactly when you get the desired temperature.

Steamer Rod

Employing a steamer rod is also one method to heat up your coffee. Many espresso machines come with a streamer rod. To use this method, follow these instructions:

Choose the Right Cup

When using a steamer wand, a stainless-steel container would be the ideal choice.

  • A paper cup might burn and cause leakage.
  • Ceramic cups might fracture.
  • As the rod might overheat the cup, a container with a heatproof handle would be an excellent choice.
Submerse the Rod Properly

Submerging the rod all the way to the bottom of the cup is important. Otherwise, if you turn on the rod when it is still on the coffee surface, the coffee might splash out of the container.

Don’t Leave the Coffee Unattended

Try to keep your eyes on the coffee. A steamer wand takes no time in heating up your drink. Remove the rod from the coffee before it comes to a boil.

Convection Oven

modern electric oven

If you have opted for a convection oven over a microwave, you might want to use it to warm up your coffee. Heating coffee in a convection oven is safe, however, it might be a little difficult.

This type of oven tends to overheat the container. You will have to use oven mitts to take the cup out. Plus, replace the old cup with a fresh one before you drink.

Can You Reheat Your Coffee in a Coffee Maker?

Heating up your coffee in a coffee maker is not a clever idea. Coffee makers are not designed to deal with already-made coffees.

Its system is formulated to brew with heated water, not reheat something cold. When you do heat up the old coffee left in the pot, it is likely to burn the bottom layer of coffee. The rest of the coffee often remains cold. It might also be harmful to the coffee pot itself, causing cracks or expanding existing ones.

Tips to Consider for the Next Time

Some people do not have time to travel to Starbucks to get coffee in the morning. They might decide to grab a cup the night before and hold it over to reheat in the morning. Following are some tips to help them in such cases:

Do not get ice in your latte

When you buy an iced latte, ask to get it without ice. You can always add ice later to your preference without it watering down your drink in the meantime. Then your coffee is less likely to have a diluted taste.

To prevent the coffee from going bad, store it in a cool spot if you don’t plan to drink it within two hours.

Keep it in the refrigerator

It is better to store it in the refrigerator if you want to save it till morning. As coffee contains milk, it might start becoming sour within two hours. Thus, to save yourself a good coffee, keep it in the fridge to enjoy in the morning.

thermos on autumn leaves

Keep it in an insulated tumbler

You could get your coffee poured directly into your personal tumbler at Starbucks. This way you will be able to keep your coffee sealed for a bit longer.

Preheat your cup

If you make or reheat your coffee at home, you should pre-heat your cup. The easiest way to do this is to pour hot water into it. When the cup absorbs the heat and is warm to the touch, dump out the water and pour in your coffee. This way you can enjoy hot coffee while working.

Bottom Line

It is possible to enjoy your Starbucks coffee after heating it up in your microwave, but you should follow the warning on the cup. Simply choose another microwave-safe cup or mug to reheat in.

Another thing to remember is that not everyone likes drinking reheated coffee.

Reheated coffee may have a change in its taste due to the loss of flavanols. Therefore, some may prefer to dump it. For those who do not like reheated coffee, there is always the option to add ice and your favorite creamer and drink it cold.