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11 Kinds of Milk That Are Great for Making Dalgona Coffee

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You must have come across this new sensation in the coffee world, the dalgona coffee. It has emerged as a quarantine trend because coffee lovers started sharing beautiful cups of fluffy frothy coffee with stiff foamy peaks.

Dalgona coffee is sweet, it’s fuzzy, it’s delicious, and only needs a handful of ingredients to make the perfect cup. You don’t need to miss fancy coffee shops because dalgona can be made with the milk of your choice right in your kitchen.

All you need are equal ratios of sugar, instant coffee, and water. Whip the mixture to create a frothy meringue type texture and pair with your favorite milk.

Here we have the top eleven types of milk that are great for making dalgona coffee.

1. Whole milk

whole milk mug

Good old whole milk is the milkiest of all milk. You may think it’s full of fat, but actually, whole milk is only about 4% milkfat. It is a superb choice for dalgona coffee because it is thick and creamy. Plus, it’s loaded with calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

2. Reduced-fat milk

This is the preferred milk among coffee enthusiasts, because it contains only 2% milkfat, has a slightly mild flavor, and a balanced nutritional profile.

With 120 calories and only 5 grams of fat, reduced-fat milk is a perfect middle-ground between a creamy smooth coffee and your daily calories.

3. Fat-free

Fat-free or skim milk has zero fats. It’s an awesome choice for coffeeholics who are considering some calorie cuts. A glass of skim milk contains only 80 calories and, remember, no fats at all!

Fat-free milk has a slightly sweeter taste than whole milk. Some people like it for its feather-light consistency. We must say, it’s absolutely delightful with sugary dalgona.

4. Lactose-free Milk

lactore free milk box

This type is specially prepared for people with lactose intolerance so they don’t miss a cup of velvety coffee. Manufacturers remove lactose, the natural sugar of milk, by adding enzymes.

But it still contains every other goodness of whole milk. Even the taste and texture are like normal milk, and it carries the same values of calcium and vitamins. 

5. Evaporated milk

Also known as ‘unsweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk has 60% of its water content evaporated. If you like a thick, frothy coffee, but no extra sugar, this type of milk is for you.

The biggest plus point lies in its flexibility. You can add water to thin it or keep it as thick as you want. And there is no added sugar, so you may keep your coffee as strong as you like.

6. Macadamia milk

This nut milk has hit the shelf recently, and it is a gigantic success. Macadamia milk exudes perfect balance with 5 grams of fats, vitamin A, vitamin E, and some antioxidants.

Its slightly nutty taste actually adds to the flavor of coffee without overpowering it. It is thicker than some other plant-based milk types.

Plus, there is no sugar added. Macadamia milk proves itself perfect for a daily dose of dalgona coffee. The barista blends are especially swoon-worthy.

7. Oat milk

oat milk

There was an oat milk mania when it first launched on the market. You can even find some DIY oat milk recipes too.

Oat milk is made by soaking and grinding oats, then the pulp is strained, What remains is creamy oat milk. It’s creamier and less nutty than other alternatives.

When paired with dalgona coffee, it gives a subtle milk flavor and doesn’t overpower the coffee taste at all. It’s a great alternative for people with nut allergies, and also an excellent source of fiber.

Some companies produce gluten and celiac-free versions too. But check with the company before using if you suffer such allergies.

8. Soy milk

As the name suggests, this classic milk alternative is made from soybeans. Soybeans are cooked in water, then blended and strained to extract milk.

Just a little thicker and creamier than almond milk, soy milk gives a creamy texture to coffee but helps the dalgona mixture shine.

Soy milk has the closest nutritional profile to cow milk because its naturally high in protein and healthy fats. This also makes it popular among vegans.

9. Almond milk

almond milk

You can find both sweetened and unsweetened forms of almond milk. One cup contains only 40 calories and a lot of vitamin E, so it’s a very healthy alternative. It caught on so quickly that it was the most consumed plant milk in the USA until 2018.

We know almond milk is not known for frothing, but the sweetness and lightness are perfect to blend with fluffy dalgona.

Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and you are going to love this not-so-traditional coffee. Here is a pro-tip, do not overheat your almond milk.

10. Coconut milk

Gone are the days when coconut was linked to cold exotic tropical drinks. This alternative has become the preference of many coffee enthusiasts.

Coconut milk has an incredible consistency and surprisingly coffee masks the subtle coconut flavor quite well.

Packed with a healthy dose of good fats, it’s popular among people doing paleo or keto diets.

Many brands are producing neutral flavor coconut milk that doesn’t have even a hint of coconut in it. Try once and it may become a delicious regular addition to your morning drink.

11. Hemp milk

What comes to your mind when you hear hemp milk? We know! Cannabis! But this milk is made from hemp seeds. Seeds don’t contain considerable psychoactive substances.

Hemp milk has a slightly nutty taste, but it’s not so creamy, so it’s a good match if you like light, refreshing dalgona coffee.

hemp milk

It’s loaded with some minerals considered great for your skin. You won’t want to miss coffee that gives a glow, would you? But we must tell you to pass on it if you are going for a cold dalgona.

Ultimately, it depends upon your dietary requirements and acquired taste. There is a growing list of non-dairy kinds of milk. Our favorites happen to be macadamia and oat milk.

However, if you don’t want to leave the trusty cow’s milk, try your dalgona coffee with 2% reduced milk to get a balanced flavor. Hopefully, we narrowed down few great options to suit your taste!